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I found this great old photo! By Patty Schmeder

I was going through some old photos one day and found this one from 1934 of my late sister-in-law Gladys, posing with Robert Wadlow, the famous “Alton Giant” who visited her school in Trenton IL. The little girl is Gladys Darlene Kaufman Schmeder who was born in 1927 and spent the majority of her life […]

Bringing Daisy Home

When my daughter was eleven years old, I decided that a good introduction to the birds and the bees would be watching our friend’s beagle, Sammy, when she had her puppies. While Sammy was a small beagle, about 20 pounds, the father of the puppies was thought to be a Labrador/Rottweiler mix weighing about 75 pounds. We […]

Weathering Life’s Storms by Mike Roberts

I was born in Detroit, MI on April 4, 1956 and when I was seven, we moved to Southfield, a suburb. I went off to college at Central Michigan University and earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism. It was there I met a young lady named Anne who would become my wife.  Later, I went […]