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We’re glad you stopped by! One Legacy® collects and shares real stories about personal and family history. Our collection is growing and we’re always looking for new ways to share.

Mark your calendar! Our 2018 fall programs begin in Belleville IL, at Southwestern Illinois College, (PSOP) Senior Programs. After hosting a three-week Guided Story Sharing session in June, PSOP invited us to continue to host sessions and collect even more great stories for the Journal. 
Upcoming scheduled events there are Sept 10, 1:00 – 2:30, October 8, 1:00 – 2:30, and Dec 10, 1:00 – 2:30. 

Other story sharing events will be scheduled at PSOP as well.







One Legacy will continue to sponsor “The Family Historian Journal” radio show the 4th Thursday each month on MindsEye, The Virtual Newstand, from Belleville IL. Their mission is connecting people with vision loss to the news and entertainment needed to lead full lives. Thanks to community support, people with visual impairments in 30 counties throughout St. Louis have been able to turn to MindsEye since 1973. We love our relationship with the team at MindsEye and encourage you to find out more about their mission, current activities, and the blindness community. Start by enjoying the broadcast of The Family Historian Journal! Following the broadcast, the shows are made available on our respective websites.
Click here to listen to listen to previous podcasts!

We invite other networks to join us in sharing “The Family Historian Journal” program. Call 618-960-7252 for details

More events coming this fall! Planned but not scheduled, One Legacy will be a sponsor for Adult Game Day at Riverbender Community Center in Alton IL. We’re excited to offer Guided Story Sharing games and collect great stories from local seniors. For information please contact us at 618-960-7252.

Would you like to learn more about Guided Story Sharing, from One Legacy? Our events and programs turn story sharing in to a fun and meaningful event for groups of all types and ages. If so, please call 618-960-7252 or email info@onelegacy.com for more details?
Would you like to help support our efforts for collecting and sharing stories? FREE collecting of stories can only happen with the help of sponsors or donations from the community. Donations are greatly appreciated. Please call 618-960-7252 or email mstith@onelegacy.com for more details.

Thank you once again for stopping by our website and we sincerely appreciate hearing your feedback or requests for more information. As you know, stories are the backbone of local history. We invite you to join us in saving this history for future generations!

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